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I know we often hear this : “UNILAG girls have shakara” but to be honest, this is not always the case. If you like a girl, the reputation of her school/schoolmates shouldn’t deter you from going after her. This post is not limited to Unilag guys, girls or even students alone.As a universal rule most information in this post is useful to a wide range of people.Before I go into the main point I’ll like to debunk some falsities about Unilag girls that the general public believes:

1. Not all Unilag girls are aristos.

2. We won’t have sex with you if you buy us sharwarma or Chicken and Chips.

Now for all you young men looking to start/keep a long-term relationship with a Unilag girl or any other girl for that matter, pay attention to the following points below.



Meeting a girl for the first time, or going out for the first time is very crucial in a relationship.In fact it forms the basis of the  relationship, it determines whether or not the relationship is worth keeping. Don’t discuss every aspect of your life with her date on the first day, to be honest she might not be able to remember it all after that day, rather stick to the basics, be vague and mysterious and let her be intrigued by you. It’s basic psychology, if you tell her less she wants to know more.



So you had a great date and you’re feeling so in  love already, you’re feeling like kissing her, holding her and never letting go.Calm down mister, it’s too soon you only just met her. Kissing her will only scare her off except if she initiates the kiss herself (which is less likely), in which you can only give her a simple kiss (no tongue) or a peck and a hug. The reason for this is the relationship is still fresh and if you want it to last long it shouldn’t be based on feelings, attraction and passion alone, it should also include friendship, and companionship.


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Don’t borrow your friend’s car or BB phone to pose, do you think she wouldn’t find out? Think again. Don’t dress like a pimp or yahoo boy and expect her to take you seriously, to be honest girls love bad boys or boys that dress like this but never really intend having a real relationship because they consider such guys ‘players’. Dress smartly and confidently, you can go casual or corporate(just lose the suit and tie, it gives the impression of  you being too serious or uptight).


laff 2

Girls love guys that make them laugh, I don’t mean for you to become a comedian like Jedi or Basket-mouth, just be able to make her laugh and have fun whenever she’s with you. Tease her lightly(but be nice about it), don’t make her the butt of all your jokes.


group of girls

A girl’s friends influence how much she likes a guy to a great extent(most times). Even if you don’t like her friends, find a way to make them like you or try your possible best to connect with them. Don’t show too much interest in any of her friends either, she’ll think you want to hit on one of them.Be a worthy boyfriend, by this I mean, be presentable. Girls love showing off to other girls, their new clothes, car, BOYFRIEND. Be the kind of guy her friends will drool over, it increases her attraction to you and also makes her feel lucky/happy to be the one who has you hooked and not them.



Arguments happen all the time, you don’t have to be right always, learn to be wrong even when you think you’re right.Try to see her point and accept your mistakes when you’re wrong. Make her your confidant, don’t flare up when she keeps things from you.Now come to think about it, are you sure you told her absolutely EVERYTHING about you?So instead of getting angry and ruining things, tell her something about yourself that she doesn’t know or you’ve never told her, she’ll feel happy that you could confide in her and who knows, she just might open up to you in turn. This bonds your relationship and brings you closer than ever.


If you love someone, let them know. Don’t hide your feelings or manipulate theirs. Learn to laugh, play and have quality fun with each other. I hope I’ve been able to answer any questions and clear any doubts you’ve been having about UNILAG girls and other girls in general, your comments and views will be very much appreciated, thank you.


17 thoughts on “HOW TO DATE A UNILAG GIRL

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  1. Well, the future is never certain even when two people love each other, there’s a possibility they won’t be together.So you like this girl and she doesn’t feel this way in return.I won’t give you moju powder to rub on your face and go knock on her door in the morning so she’ll fall in love.All I’m saying is, Love is a gradual process and if you ever want her to feel the same, first get to know her and let her get to know you too(the real you).Ask her on a date,just you two, or take her for a walk, anything- just get acquainted,care about her let her know you’ll be there, call her for no reason at all.Just make her feel real good,remember her birthday and other important things in her life.Treat her the way you’ll treat your mom, sister, best friend and girlfriend.Ask her about her favorite food,cake,flowers and so on….and surprise her with an unexpected gift like a book by her favourite author.All being said and done, and if she doesn’t feel the same still just know you tried your best and maybe she just doesn’t love you….you shouldn’t force it.If it’s meant to be,it will.Hope I was able to help???Wish you the bestest of luck!!!:)


  2. I like this piece…it sends a good message not to the pupils alone but further elucidate the responsible guyz out there to learn more bout doting of I’s n crossing of T’s in relationship.
    Really do apprecite this. Cheers!


  3. It’s a good message for evry1 to learn. Intriguing & elucidating to the responsible guyz out there in learning more bout doting of I’s ‘n’ crossing of T’s in relationship.
    Really do apprecite this. Cheers!


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