I miss you so much, it hurts
I keep telling myself I hate you, but my heart says I’m nuts
It doesn’t hurt that you hurt me,

it hurts that you don’t regret it
Maybe if you called or texted
Maybe we would still be together
I don’t even know if we’re still together
The great distance between us two,

makes me feel like strangers again

I don’t wanna love you, but I do
Maybe I deserve all this pain

And all the things that you do
That’s what I get for falling in love with a jerk like you
But I’m just a girl
I ignore the good guys and chase after douche bags
And here I am thinking of how much I hate you for taking over my heart
And still hoping and waiting for you to call back.

The Journalist

journalistA pen, a notepad, a juicy new story
The building was old, only two-storey
I climbed up the stairs in disgust
The place was covered in dirt and dust
I looked down at the Senator’s black Jeep that I followed
What was a dignitary doing in a place like this, I swallowed
Then I heard two gunshots from the stairs above, followed by a piercing scream
What happened next was like a dream
I bundled up the stairs, with my camera thudding against my breast
To find the senator above a dead man, bullets pumped into his chest
I held up my camera and took five shots at least
The dignitary then turned savage, the politician, a beast
He lunged towards me like an angry bull, strong and mean
Red eyes beaming maliciously, sweat gleaming on thick black skin
Then everything turned black, I could only hear the melodious echo of an ambulance siren
Knowing I’ll live to see another day, I silently whispered, ‘I win’.


Love me like musicians do
Love me gently, love me like crazy
Make me smile, make me cry
Then sing me a song and wipe my tears dry

Love me like musicians do
Bruno Mars can jump in front of a train
And take a bullet to his brain
Would I be asking too much, if I told you to jump off a flying plane?

Love me like musicians do
Wrap me my favourite CD as a birthday present
Then rap my best rap song to me
Even if you stutter and stammer or stop half-way through
I’ll give you a round of applause and kiss you when you’re through

Love me like musicians do
Call me your Katy Perry
Cos I fulfill all your teenage dreams
Or Beyoncé
Cos I run your world
Either way, I’ll cherish you

Love me like musicians do
Promise me it’ll always be fun
While we are young and even when we grow old
Not just some nights, but every night

Love me like musicians do
Love me, just do it don’t think it through
As long as you love me, I’ll love you too
And you won’t just be my boyfriend,like Bieber, I might even say ‘I do’.