I’ve heard the tales of woe
The pain and sorrow
Your untamed destruction
All the lives you took


I’ve seen the bloodied field of your victims
The lost eyes of survivors
Wishing they died on that field
I was there too


I still smell the metallic mixture
Of blood and alcohol
Slashed wrists of people
Who couldn’t take it anymore


But I lived to tell the story
Of love’s tyranny
Love is war
But I survived


One thought on “LOVE (WAR) VETERAN

  1. Young lady, you have got the quality of a great writer, one the world will recognise in due course. Your command of the English Language is quite commendable but take my advice; if you hope 2 make a living on ‘selling words’ you must communicate 2 those in your immediate environment in ‘forms and words’ they understand. If not, you will be at war wit the church rat over its honourable title.


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